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Jetpack Cosplay


May 6th 4:00

That's right, you practically begged us for it so now you've got it! Join us in costume for our second annual Cosplay Competition Cash & Jetpack Bucks prizes to the winners.
All ages and skill levels welcome - several levels of competition.
No cost to compete! FREE Professional Photography for you and your friends courtesy of Richard Roberts from Cosplay Idol and Genesis Photography
Meet Professional Cosplayers (they'll be your judges as well).
Show host will be Gregg Snider of Wonderllama Cosplay.  That's right, Boston ComicCon's own cosplay host is our host.
The contest viewing and awards will take place at the Governor's Inn (exact location TBD).
The photo's & pre-judging will be there as well.

Register online

Register Online



Register online

Meet the Judges


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Meet the Cosplay Guests



  • Ages 12 and under
  • Ages 13 and up

We have decided to eliminate the various age groups and divisions in order to make the contest less intimidating and more "Everyone" friendly. The goal of  Jetpack Comics is to make the contest as laid-back and fun as possible.



Ages 12 and under
  • 1st - $50 Jetpack Money
  • 2nd - $25 Jetpack Money
  • 3rd - $10 Jetpack Money
Ages 13 & up
  • 1st - $250 Cash Prize, $600 Photo Session,  $50 Jetpack Money & a Super Duper Nifty Trophy to prove that you were NUMBER 1 to your friends.
  • 2nd - $100 Cash Prize & $50 Jetpack Money
  • 3rd - $50 Cash Prize & $25 Jetpack Money



  • This year's Free Comic Book Day Costume Contest will be held on the Governor's Inn grounds at 4:00 pm. (Exact location TBD).
  • Online pre-registration will close Friday May 5th at 10:00 pm. Registration at the event will end Saturday May 6th at 3:00 pm. 
  • Check-in and pre-judging for this year’s event will take place from 11:00 am until 3:00 pm. No entrants will be allowed once registration ends. 
  • All entrants in the contest MUST fill out a contest registration form. By filling out a contest registration form you are giving Jetpack Comics consent to take and post your pictures on their social media web sites.
  • All entrants under 18 years of age MUST have a legal guardian's permission to enter the contest and that legal guardian must sign your registration form at the time of check-in and pre-judging. No Exceptions!
  • All entrants in the contest MUST check in at the Judge's table.
  • All entrants in the contest MUST be at the cosplay contest location for line up and rundown, at 3:30 pm. (Exact location for contest TBD)
  • All costumes are welcome! Whether they be handmade, altered, store-bought or pieced together! We want to seee what you have created. The most important part of this competition is you being character.
  • Each contestant MUST adhere to the weapons, props and harassment policies.
  • There is no cap for entrants at this year's event.
  • Each contestant will be given one (1) minute on stage. Time allowance is subject to change due to the number of entrants.
  • Surprise the audience and judges, not Jetpack. Entrants who want to do something special on stage, please email Jetpack at
  • This is a Cosplay Contest, (Cos for costume and Play for acting), please be in "character" on stage. The Judges and the audience loves it and it will get you more points.
  • Judges decision's are finally, but you may ask them for constructive criticism after the contest is over.
Remember, as serious as all the rules sound, cosplay is meant to be fun. The soul intention of the Jetpack Free Comic Book Day Cosplay Contest is to give people an opportunity to show off their costumes, get feedback from professionals, gain experience on stage, and recognition for their hard work no matter their skill level. Now lets have some fun!
Note - Cosplay is for everyone! You do not need to have a handmade costume to be a cosplayer.
Pre-Registration is available online at:
Thank you in advance for adhering to all of the contest rules. If you have any questions about these rules please feel free to contact us at